Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels SNK299K1 SNK299K Mens Watch

It’s quite tough to understand the Seiko 5 legacy without knowing the history of the 5-series. The official Seiko 5 website speaks about it, so no need to go on with it here in details; just know for now that Seiko 5 is considered a standard in performance, reliability and lasting. Most of the Seiko 5 owners have not yet looked under the case back ever in their life; they didn’t have to. Leave the Seiko 5 as it is and it shall outrun your very lifespan. But you must also understand something; the Seiko 5 is definitely not the industry leader. It is not chronometer-accurate; if you can stand around 20 seconds of deviation a day (max), this jack-of-all-trades watch is for you.

In terms of aesthetics and design, the Seiko 5 is also not at the top of class. But it’s well rounded, incredibly versatile and tough as a nail! It stays true to the basic attributes the Seiko 5 was built on - Automatic winding, Day/date display (in a single window), adequate water resistance, recessed crown and overall durability (case, components and bracelet).

The Seiko 5 SNK series; one watch differs from the other in its colour combination. On other aspects, every SNK delivers the same confidence, endurance and comfort of a good tool Seiko Watches for Mens, under any given circumstance. You never feel like you are losing your watch! That’s important for a default (or a go-to) watch; the watch that you grab once you are out of the bed (unless you went to bed wearing it), for you know it won’t give you a chance to fuss about. It also speaks the wearer’s style, so a pleasure to wear. Timeless looks, designed to be functional, versatile and most of all, exceedingly affordable. The SNK299K1, the same way, is a notable piece that tells of a modern, horological history. The Seiko 7S26 movement is economical, tough and reliable that’s been tried and tested and it has proven itself every time. A first automatic should be like that and the Seiko 5 SNK299K1 qualifies! However, it is made at either the Buy Seiko Watches for Mens at Malaysia or in Thailand, not in Japan.

But let that dishearten you not, it’s the equal amount of care and precision that went into its making and it stands as a solid, reliable timepiece just like any other watch from Seiko and lives up to the expectations of people from a JDM Seiko Automatic watches Australia. You just throw it on before putting hands on some rigorous job and it shall stay as faithful on the face of bumps, knocks and bruises. At under seventy dollars, what more can you possibly want? Overall, a fantastic value that over time, you make exclusively your own!