"Living Free"

Landon Fagan

I believe

I believe in the importance of freedom,

the right to do what you want,

the right to say what you want,

the right to live and be were you want,

the right to have fun and be yourself,

freedom, self expression, happiness,

But (something you don’t believe in, e.g. “but the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated”) _being dictated.

I believe in living free,

I believe in fun,

I believe in staying excited ,

grateful, excited, up going,

And I believe in being yourself and not like others without being judged.

Free Living

My credo has to do with all of the human race and how everyone wants to be free in someway. And that being happy has to do a lot with being free of yourself and speech. If know one had freedom then our world would not have happiness or much emotion.

The main reason this came through my mind was wear I live. I live in America which is a free country and i feel like if this country wasn't free then i would be nothing. People that live in America are thankful that they live how they do because in other countries around the world they are ruled by dictators and government societies. Also since you live in a free country you can go were you want and do what you want so whatever goal you would like to achieve being free makes that possible.

I feel like being able to be free will never change, America has been a free country for many years and i don't think it will ever not be. I f it did change then my life would really change, I would not be able to reach my dreams of owning my own business and moving away too somewhere different then Rutherford county.

I know that most of everyone who lives in this country is thankful that it is the way it is. There is so many other place in this would that aren’t like this. If the people in those places had a choice then i think they would rather live in america then somewhere that is being dictated or somewhere that has zero freedom.

By. Landon Fagan

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