A Christmas story

My name is Lucy. Lucy, Charles and I live in New York. I love this time of year because its almost Christmas and it’s always so busy in New York with all of the shopping, decorating, and traveling. My favorite time of it all is when we gather around the tree and my mom tells a story. It goes like this…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved Christmas. It was Christmas Eve and she was going to go to the village to buy new decorations for her house to put up the next day. She was so excited that it was almost Christmas. When she got to the village, she saw that all of the stores were decorated with Christmas lights. The roofs even looked like they had been tipped with icing because of the snow. There were families singing and dancing and the snow looked like crystals. She noticed that there was one store that wasn't lit up like the others. It was quiet and cold. She walked up to the window and wiped it with her jacket. She saw an old man and his wife huddling together in the corner without coats. She decided to go in. She asked them what their names were. They answered Jack and Mary. She left for about ten minutes and came back with some water and a loaf of bread. She gave the couple the rest of her money and was on her way. When she left she realized she had no more money so she had to go home and she new her mom wasn't going to be happy.When she got home she told her mom that she didn't get the decorations like her mom wanted her to.She told her she gave the money to some people who needed it . After a short silence her mom smiled. Later her an her mom went back to the village to find the couple. They hadn't moved since she had saw them last. Her mom invited them to dinner. They even helped cut and decorate the tree.After that night she became very good friends with the couple and invited them over more and more. After that night they both learned being nice to others brings nice things to them. The end.

I like that story because the little girl was kind and wanted to help people.After we would read the book we would go and decorate the tree. I liked how we would listen to Christmas songs. My favorite was jingle bells. When we went to go and listen to Christmas poets. My favorite poem is called Christmas At Home by:Easyday.snydle.com it goes like this :

Jingles here jingles there

Carols are sung everywhere

Exchanging gifts here and there

Christmas is in the air..

Mistletoes and stockings in place

Giggles around the warm fireplace

Gifts wrapped under the christmas tree

Hurray! New toys and clothing for me!

Winter skates and fun sleigh rides

I love my moms sweet delights

Snowflakes rest in the window panes

Oh I love those candy canes!

Laughters here, laughters there.

It’s my favorite season of the year

Christmas with Sister,Dad, and Mom.

Christmas at home is always fun!

I love that poem. My mom always said,”Its time”. I would always said,”for… Christmas!!’’ After we were done it would be time to go to bed and see a surprise under our tree when we got up.

The End

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