Truss Welding Machine FAQ

Steel structure has smooth lines and graceful shape. They are easy to implement architectural design of artistic pursuit. Steel sectional radius of inertia is larger so can reduce weight and therefore the economy is excellent. Shaped cross-sectional surface area is 2/3 of the exposed surface area, a corresponding reduction in the cost of anti-corrosion and fire-resistant coating. Thus steel truss structure has been widely used in building, such as stadiums, forming machine, exhibition halls and other public facilities. Large-span roof structures, roads and bridges arches, tower, decorative structure of the various buildings and any other decorating structures are included.

Welded steel pipe connecting should be connected mainly by welding. Even large-scale structure of the installation altitude close node part bolted, it must be bolted onto the tube components welded rod. Thus purlin forming equipment and truss forming machine play an important role in the construction and installation of steel structures. Whether from the welding joint construction, welding technology and non-destructive testing techniques, truss welding machine has some special requirements. In recent years, China has built more than a dozen pipes in the form of large-scale structure of the terminal, stadium roofs and roads arches. As a result, truss welding machine is in need, as well as the silicon furnace. Steel trusses are generally used by welded steel frame structure with executives, deputy tube, inclined tubes welded together, play to strengthen suspender fixation.

In the engineering, the truss is a structure that "only by the two force components, wherein the member is organized so that the composition as a whole showed a single object." A "two-force member" is a structural component where force is applied to only two points. Although the strict definition allows members to have connections in any stable configuration of any shape, including both ends of the truss generally straight members connected at joints called nodes construct five or more triangular units. In this typical case, the external force and the reaction force that is believed to act as the only node, and wherein the force resulting in either tension or compression member. Due to the structure and features of the truss, the truss forming ingot furnace and the truss welding machine are necessary in engineering. A high-quality truss forming machine ensures the quality of truss to reach the standard.

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