Life of a mom with young kids and MS

So today is Friday, January 17, 2014. Dropped my oldest Eva (7) off at school and my youngest Lydia (4) fell asleep in the car. Today i am awake, and not so fatigued, but ask me again around 5:00 if I will tell you that I am ready for a nap! My tremors make it hard to type this, but hell that is nothing, ask me to talk. I had true intentions of getting home from my drop off and going straight to my lengthy list of tasks, but I have promised myself for 3 days that I am going to accomplish a monthly calendar of activities for the girls; from Painting nails to a Summer Beach Party in the winter, which includes bathing suits, towels, virgin drinks and beach blanket BINGO. It kills me, when I hear, 'Mom, you used to be so much fun', which inspired me to create this monthly calendar! It breaks my heart to think of the times when we used to do fun things, and now I find myself more often in front of the computer instead of having fun with my girls! So if it kills me, I will do this!!

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