Mexico's Drug War Turn for Worse

A new thug group arises in the city of Jalisco, Mexico known as the Jalisco New Generation, whose objective is to take over the government to allow more importation of drugs, believing that by smuggling drugs, it will help the economy of Mexico since many have already been selling drugs illegally to make money.

However, the government saw them more as a threat than a group filled with pride for the nation as the group started causing fear within the civilians in the city. So, it sent in troops to stop the rebel group to ensure the security of the civilians. Yet, the government underestimated this rebel group: because it had a strong police force, the cartel was able to gain access to the weapons in the police station and shoot down an army helicopter, killing three and injuring twelve. This event was soon followed by fires caused by Cartel to block major highways and destroy gasoline stations. Now, President Nieto is hoping to soon handle this situation as quickly as possible: he currently plans to capture the boss of this cartel group to stop it and possibly even fight them, considering how tiny the city of Jalisco is.

Because it is located in Jalisco, Mexico, the Canadian embassy is worried for all the Canadian tourists in that city, which is best known for its resorts. Instead of escorting the tourists out of the city or helping to stop the violence, the Canadian embassy warns the tourists to always remain nearby the resort, as it is the "safest" place to be away from all the violence. However, it still has not decided to do anything else in the war besides warning its people. So, the violence continues on until this day.

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