Genocide Across the World

Jenna Neiderer, Alec Evanitus, and Samantha Beck

A group of Armenians stood out in the cold in 1915. They were forced to travel hundreds of miles during the rough winter. They traveled from Armenia into what is now known as Syria.

A small Armenian child was standing outside of a building in Syria in 1915. A lot of children and adults starved to death because of the lack of food given to them. The Armenians were en route from Armenia to Syria.

A person from the Ukraine was starved to death during Holodomor. The government stopped supplying food to the citizens. Over a million Ukrainians were killed in 1933 and 1934 by this famine.

Holodomor was a famine-turned-genocide that started in 1933. The genocide continued into 1933 and killed almost 2 million Ukrainians. The genocide took place in the Ukrainian SSR. This picture describes how the genocide was a struggle for food in the Ukrainian SSR.

Mao Zedong attempted to modernize the Chinese culture so that China would eventually rival America. In this picture Mao's followers are at a gathering to celebrate his power. Mao tried to conform China in 1958, and millions were killed if they didn't agree with his policies and ideas.

A chinese family in 1958 gathered for safety. They rebelled against Mao Zedong's leadership and were placed in different camps. The young boy is helping his elderly grandmother who is ill from a lack of food.

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