layne york

Description of the Career

Rodeo is and event where cowboys compete agents each other roping, steer wrestling, bull riding.... etc

Required Skills

Coordination, Learning Strategies, Active Learning, to swing a rope, ride a horse. You need coordination because you cant be big and fat riding a bull or just hang on you  will not get an good score.

Other Requirements


Salary (Income) Expectations

Well every event is different and you might not make ass much money one year as you did the year before that. So there really isn't a exact amount you would make a year, but i promise you its more than most jobs will make in the world.

Future Outlook

Personalty I think rodeo will stay around for a wile as long as horses are still living.


You don't have to get up and go to work in and office you get up and go out side and saddle horses and rope all day and have fun.

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Why You Picked this Career to Explore

Because i wish i could rodeo for a living when i'm older.

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