Hot Hot Heaters
Alexander Harper
Mary Frances Grondin
Brayden White
Jantianae Green

  • About a company on Venus it's called "Hot Hot heaters ". Hot hot heaters is the only place on Venus and if you go to Venus they will give  you a tour of Venus. Hot hot heaters sells jars of lava and hot heaters. If you go to "" you can see a picture that is a poster it will have four kids on it talking about "Hot Hot Heaters".That is about the company on Venus.
  • We have heaters that came from the planet venus because venus is the hottest planet and they cost $49.99. We have lava lamps because the lava comes from the hottest planet  Venus. We also have air conditions from Venus  because of its yellow clouds that get a lot of heat. We have hot boiling lava from venus that cost $29.99. And we      finally have a hot steaming rock that cost$9.99.