Welcome to 5P!

~ We're going to have a great year kids ~

Hi kids,

Welcome Back!!!  Please take one of the worksheets from the front and start colouring it, this will be the title page for your journal.  Also, there is a name plate blu-tacked on the board for you to grab off and put on your desk :)


  • 2 Teachers...lucky!
  • Welcome to Nicholas!
  • Class Rules - stop, workbooks, desk, day folder/spelling, homework, letters.
  • Behaviour - BANKO, consequences
  • Being your own advocate, becoming independent, leaving the room,
  • Jobs
  • Fast Finishers
  • Units - Space, Gold Rush, Explorers, Eureka Stockade, Historical Narratives
  • What's New this year (below)

WHAT'S NEW IN 2013???

taking macs home, EXCURSIONS/camp, surf skills, banko, FLIPPER's blog, SPORTS COMPS, DRAMA/play, naplan, lead up to leadership, geography