Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is a great place to live. Not only is it beautiful, but the climate in the area is pretty great. The winter is very cold and snowy and the summers are long and warm. There is lots of rain and snow each year. The average temperature in the winter is -18°c and in the summer it is 25°c. The average time of sunlight in the summer is 15 hours and 8.5 hours in the winter. The growing season is about 120 days all year around. The average amount of rain in the summer is 200-300mm. The average amount of snow in the winter is 1200-1500mm.

Due to the short growing seasons, short, skinny trees grow. Growing seasons are short and crops don't usually survive. The plants that usually grow there are Jack Pine, Marsh Reed Grass, Swamp Laurel, Black Spruce and Bearberry. These plants grow here because the weather and soil are both perfect for these plants. The lowlands have soggy soil which is great for growing plants.

There is tons of human activity. People generally  like to go boating, dogsled riding, fishing, hunting and skiing. The top two occupations there are logging mining.  People from the Canadian Shield are from different cultures and most of their characteristics are alike. Due to the space in the region, people live spread out and far away from each other. The jobs that are offered are mining, farming, forestry, welding, engineering and accounting.

Some animals that live in the shield year-round. Many migrate to and from the all year. Animals that live in the shield year-round have to be used to the cold weather. Animals that migrate to and from the shield are forced to due to the weather.

This would be an ideal place for people to live because not only is the climate great but it's just beautiful to look at. It would be great to wake up every morning and see the beautiful view. The climate is great, even if you have kids. Soccer in the summer, snowboarding and skiing in the winter. You could also go fishing and hunting and learn new skills. There are well paying jobs like mining, welding or engineering. Farming and growing crops would be ideal to do during the summer. In the winter it is too cold to grow crops or farm. But altogether, the Candian Shield is a beautiful place.

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