Send Robert Cavelier Sieur De La Salle To North America

Send off me off to North America  King Charles II. What do you want from me? If you send me off to North America, I will bring back whatever you desire and repay you in double. I will bring back gold, furs, lumber, and many other resources. I will also claim more land for you, and make a fort for fur trade. It is in your best interest to send me off to North America. I will make you and your country much better. Think of all the resources and glory that would follow. Support me and my journey King Charles II.

To send me on this trip I will need a sturdy ship with 100 able bodied men.  I will also need large amounts of food and water to last us the journey to and from North America. I will also need various weapons for defense and hunting.

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3 years ago

I love the picture. Good job.