iOS Apps for Secondary Classrooms

by David Goertzen

Evernote. By Evernote.

Easy to use note taking software that is transferrable through numerous devices and brands of technology. Allows for the creation of notebooks, tags, and lists.

A concrete use for this in a classroom would be having students take notes on this technology and compile their notes online to have as an open resource for students who missed class or are struggling with a concept.

Khan Academy. By Khan Academy.

An app and website that covers numerous subjects and individual units included in most curriculum. Users can create a profile, earn badges, and earn points by watching educational videos

The best use of this technology would be as supplementary knowledge to the classroom teachings. It would allow for students to learn a concept from a different angle or have 24/7 access to help on a subject.

Quizlet. By Quizlet LLC.

An app and website that allows users to create sets of flashcards or use sets that other users have created and shared access to.

Students would be able to create virtual flashcard that are in their pocket all the time via their smartphone. They can then share them with friends or work on them in groups to study for an exam.

Edmono. By Edmono, Inc.

An app and website where teachers can interact with students in a specific class. Replaces Facebook groups as a more appropriate medium for student-teacher interaction.

Teachers create a class for their students that the students can then join. Students are able to ask questions about homework or group work outside of the classroom and teachers are able to receive notifications when a student needs help, or use to app to remind students about deadlines.

TED. By TED Conferences.

An app and website that showcases inspirational and educational videos from a wide array of speakers talking on numerous subject areas.

This app would allow teachers to give students real life testimonials, shared experiences, and inspirational stories relating to subjects learned in class. Students are exposed to real life situations provided by educated speakers that can provide insight on many different topics.

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