Jamal Edwards

Jamal is the creator of SB.TV (or known as SmokeyBarz) and now owns Just Jam, a subsidiary label of Sony record. SB.TV is an online broadcaster that has attracted millions of hits for its artists. He started SB.TV at the age of 16 with a camera he got for Christmas.

Jamal filmed MCs on estates around London and uploaded them to YouTube. After six years, his YouTube channel has over 100 million views and 180,000 subscribers. It is seen as one of UK’s hottest youth channels­ offering broadcasting, production, editorial services, merchandise and live events. He struck a partnership with YouTube to capitalize on their popularity, hiring ten employees for his now full-time venture. His company, SB.TV Global, founded in August 2010, is now valued at $9.7 million.           

He is the son of The X Factor (series 2) contestant Brenda Edwards. In 2011, Jamal and his mother featured in an advert for Google Chrome.

The advert is below:

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