By:Stevie Horton

This is the Panama flag.The blue star represents the honesty of the people of Panama.The red star represents the law in the country.

There is around 3.864 million people in Panama.

Panama is by Clombia and Costa Rica.Panama is in south America and usually speaks Spanish but 14% speaks English.The capital of Panama is Panama City.It is located on the map above.The money they use are Balboa and US dollars.

One place that people go is the beautiful beaches of Panama.Also people love to go deep sea diving because their us OVER 600 marine animals in Panama.The Amador causeway connects three islands together so you can go to all three for a short time.So you won't have to take a boat or you don't have to drive around and take longer if you can drive around.

Some expressions from my country is to cul means all good.Another one is chantin is house and the last one is gallo is cheap.

Food and Drink

This is called Empanadas it is suppose to be a snack to have.It is pockets with corn or wheat flour.

This is called Kuna Yala Cuisine it is whatever fresh seafood was caught that day fish, crab, shrimp or lobster as well as rice and beans.

This is Panama coffee to have in the morning.

The climate is tropical maritime and some of the weather is hot, humid and cloudy.

I just used

Famos baseball player

Up above this is Olmedo Sáenz he was a major league baseball player.He got signed with the Chicago White socks as a First and Third baseman.Then he went to Oakland Athletics.His first year there he hit 11 home runs in his first season.That is pretty good for a his first season there.Then he played for the Dodgers witch is the pitcher above.He played first base for the last two teams.He hit 73 home runs for 9 seasons.

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Showed pictures of food which helped me understand what the food was like