My Food Chain by: Caroline Tollefsen

All food chains start with the sun. The sun provides energy to the producers.In my food chain the sun gives off solar energy which the plants leaves absorb.The plant in this food chain is the producer.Next in the food chain the grass hopper eats the plant. The grass hopper is called the primary consumer.Next the frog eats the grass hopper.The frog is the secondary consumer.After that the bird will eat the frog.The bird is called the tertiary consumer. Every thing in this food chain is important. If one thing dies than nothing will serve. When the energy passes through,only 10% of the energy goes into the next part of the chain.Next in the chain there would be a decomposer. Decomposers are organisms that break down the tertiary consumer after they died and start the food chain all over again. They start the chain all over again by decomposing the bird and turning it in to nutrients which goes into the soil. Plant needs nutrients to grow, so when the plant needs nutrients then the plant can get it because of the nutrients from the bird that's now in the soil.That's every thing you need to know about the food chain.