River Vocabulary

O.Martinez Gutierrez

Great Basin

A watershed where water doesn't flow into the ocean

A great basin is usually full with salt which allows you to float

Flood Plain

A wide valley through which a river flows

Merrimack River flood plain


An area in which high water goes to low water and flows out into a larger body of water

As you see the rain is making the water flow


An extreme upper part of the river

This part of the river gets less sunlight which means less nutrient


The area in which the water begins to flow

Notice the water isn't really flowing, but it's starting


A land form made of sediment that is deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake

This is where a river ends it's journey

Down River

An area between headwaters and flood plains



A stream or river that flows into a mainstream

Notice that the little stream flows into the big one


Mountains and valleys that separate watersheds/rivers

The largest divide surrounds the Mississppi River

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