What is greek mytholgy

What Are Myths?

Myths are special kinds of stories that talk about a god or goddess.Myths also talk about beast and creatures. Myths  are traditional tales of the Egyptians,Greeks, Romans, and others.

Who Is Ares

Ares is the god or war and warfare. Ares shows the physical violence and untamed aspect of war. The Greeks did not care about Ares but he embodied the determination necessary to be successful in war. Ares was a dangerous force in battle. He was true royalty, as far of the gods. Ares was tall, handsome, mean, and self-centered.

Who Is Medusa

Medusa was a monster,and her face was hideous and her hair was venomous snakes. Medusa was actually a very beautiful lady.

Modern Day Connection

My modern day connection is that I have watched the movie clash of the titans. That movie talks about a kid named Perseus, and Perseus killed medusa. Then he got his head

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