Factors To Consider Before Developing Mobile Apps

The craze of mobile applications is increasing day by day. So it’s very crucial for every business having an app these days. Many recent statistics have shown that an average American spends more than 2 hours per day on his mobile device. While, probably only some of the apps make up the bulk of this total usage.

Mobile app development is not a simple thing like just building an app on an idea. There are so many things which will make a perfect mobile app like adding the features in a user-friendly way that people can easily use all those features and options which provided in that application. And also there are many other factors that you should aware before developing mobile app. The factors are…..

The most important decision for developing an app is to select the platform in which you are going to run your app. Nowadays, Android is the best option because of their user-friendly app-store. So choose the platform where users can easily get the app from the app-store.

Screen Size:-
Handheld devices are having different screen sizes. So your app should be suitable for every screen size. Typing and navigating in smartphone is much harder than a keyboard so the design of the app should be done in such a way that users can easily type and navigate all the things.

Mobile apps should be secured enough since mobile users are increasing day by day and cyber-crime is happening at a rapid pace. So security is very much needed for any app. And for that you should have an awareness of threats like data security, viruses, spywares etc. The data sending via internet should be encrypted. There should be a firewall that no one can access anything in your database or inner section.

Build apps keeping end users in mind:-
One more factor that we should be aware before initiating app development is to understand the users’ need, how they will use mobile devices, what they want from an app. So your app should be capable enough to fulfill your customer needs.

Battery Performance:-
One of the very important things is that while developing the desktop or web applications you can use complex algorithm running on the server because there you no need to aware of battery constraints. But when it comes to mobile if you use complex algorithm the battery will be drained out. So developers should think about battery consumption while developing the app.

Decide the content and design that will be in your app:-
Coding is backend process; the user has nothing to do with it. When comes to user-interface, design and content are crucial to engage users. So, you should always beware of how your app should look what content it should include. Your app will showcase your business so you have to decide what it should include like- right color, design and animation.

Get known about the app deployment procedure:-
After completing the development of the app, the source code files need to be deployed. And,the deployment procedure depends on the nature of the app.If your app is for end user then you have to submit your app to the specific appstore and for each submission you need to register separately and pay submission fee.

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