Shang Dynasty

Ruled for 500+ years

The Shang dynasty was lead by powerful kings. Their were many smaller kingdoms set up to extend power. If a king died his power was given to a younger brother or son. Shang kings trusted in their armies because they were almost always in warfare. The armies of the Shang were especially powerful considering the Shang were on e of the first civilizations to discover how to use bronze. Archaeologists found walls, royal palaces and tombs which show that the Shang may have built the first Chinese cities. Including An yang China's first capital. The royal burying ritual was to bury the king with slaves, servants and animals, that were not dead yet. They also buried riches and food with the kings, because they believed in life after death. The Shang worshiped their ancestors and believed they could come back and harm the living. They used oracle bones to seek advice from the dead relatives.The cracks were meant to be a message read by a holy man or king. The Shang dynasty fell when constant warfare weakened the armies. They also fell into corruption when the higher classes and king spent their currency of cowrie shells profusely on their palaces. The Zhou saw their chance and attacked the Shang dynasty without warning.

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