The Sick Holiday

In this story, the sick holiday there are two different meanings. As you read this story each different meaning will unfold for you to find out what the meanings are.

It all started on Friday ( the last day of term two) when it was Micah's sleepover party. I was astonished to see Ben Biescher in a drain pipe looking for a ball and seeing Alex Dunbar and Darren Gardiner run up to the car to get my bags. I'd only been there for thirty seconds and it was already madness. We then played King and had Tacos for dinner.

We went outside to play spot light and table tennis. Hours had passed by and they flew because we'd watched two movies and it was getting late. We ended up going to bed at two o'clock in the morning and had pancakes for breakfast it was a sick start to the holidays!

The next day I was sick with the flu. This continued throughout the week. The first week I'd chased chooks, saw relatives, got ready for the extention on the house, went to Micah's house and stayed in my  P'Js until two o'clock in the afternoon everyday as well as being sick.

Week two  I thought I hadn't done anything this week so I may aswell use this week  wisely and have some fun. So I called up my friend Jarvis. He was at his nanna's house so I went there. He was with his brother Caleb. I was still slightly sick but was better. We played the Wii and then went out into the paddock and played tiggy and explored until we had to go.

That was Monday and now this is Tuesday. I was watching a movie on my computer when I heard a knock at the door, it was my Mum's friend and my friends Stuart, Cameron and Kaye. They asked if I would like to go to their house for a sleepover. I said yes and got my things.

We arrived in Phillip Island. They wanted to go for a surf, I was still a little bit sick so I could go in but I still watched them and played with their dog , stacks. We played games all afternoon and watched movies until bedtime. I woke up at eight o'clock the next morning. Cameron and I got ready to go down the beach to take the dog for a walk. It was great fun. We found tunnels within the rocks that you couldn't really see, we looked for seals and played games with the dog. As we went home it was a race against time because I had to go home.

Thursday, Our friends came over from Tasmania and they have a son called Tawan. We had arranged to go to the movies so they picked me up. Going to the movies is a traditional thing we do every time he comes down or I go to tassie. The movie was Monsters University. After the movie we went to Big W to go spend Tawan's birthday money while his mum Lindi was waiting in the car. We were there alot longer then was expected and we ended up playing Foose ball instead of buying things, and we bought his item very quickly. He'd bought a gun thats shoots paper. We were meant to be playing a war but ended up shooting birds (I got a whopper). I stayed for tea then went home. The next few days were relaxing after a busy week. What a mixed holiday.

In each paragraph  sick was mentioned the fist meaning was sick as in a stomach ache and the second meaning was sick as in awesome.

You probably think that this is too long but I have included every last datail of my holidays.  By Leigh Ibrhaim

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