Japanese Dynasties

There were two Japanese Dynasties that I am focusing on in this project. The Yamato Clan and the Heian Period.

The Yamato Clan~

        The Yamato Clan reigned from 500 through 800 A.D. This time is also called the age of the great tombs because at this time it was really popular to bury the higher up people in their own tombs. So they just put clusters of tombs all over Japan. Before the 7th century there was no set capital. What happened was that each king that ruled just built a palace to rule from. And when they died then the next in line would go build another palace. Leaving the old one abandoned. But eventually the leaders realized that they needed to have a stable, permanent governing system that controlled everything. And with this came the first capital of the Yamato Clan, Fujiwara. The Yamato Clan was set up on a peninsula on the southwest coast of Ise Bay. Close to modern day Tokyo.

This map shows the borders of the Yamato Clan in the 7th century.
Picture of the prince of 12th Emperor Keiko.

Heian Period~

        The Heian Period lasted from 794–1185. Their first leader was actually a family called the Fujiwara's. They were a family that controlled the politics of the time. The Fujiwara's moved the capital to Heian. Which was the capital of Peace and serenity. One of the greatest achievements in the Heian Period was their advancements in Literature. And this literature was not just in novels, but in Poetry too. The writing of literature was not just limited to men.It was written by both men and women at this time. By the end of the 12th century though, the power had been worn down over the years of the Fujiwara's. And eventually, the powerful warrior clan called the Genji, defeated their chief rivals. The Heike, and succeeded in establishing in Kamakura a government controlled for the first time in history by military generals.

This is a picture of Byodo. And it is a temple of Pure Land Buddhism.