By:Shaibreontai Johnson

    While we were at home, my son became ill. It first started with him feeling dizzy. As the day progressed it just grew worst. He started to vomit, and his nose started to bleed. His stomach then started to hurt so I said, " John try to  use the restroom. When he got to the restroom he discovered that he had diarrhea. I would not stop so then, I became worried.  My son  needed medical attention. I called the ambulance immediately so that my son can get some help.

    Until the ambulance arrived I stayed by John's side.When the ambulance arrived  I became glad. They asked all kinds of questions and I answered everything. One question they asked was " What was he doing before these symptom appeared?", I responded he was playing at a friends house, but his friend had a little cough. Well , his friend needs to be examined. They left for the hospital. On the way they examined my son.

    When they arrived at Bamalete Luthern Hospital, men came out in suits to receive the patient. My son was scared of the men in the suits so I told him to close his eyes, breathe and relax. They got inside an placed him in a certain unit of the hospital for the Ebola patients. They asked the me  questions. After reviewing my answers they diagnosed John with Ebola. Since I was around him they wanted to check me out. Lucky I found out that I did not have Ebola.They then put me in a suit like them so that I would be protected from Ebola.

    John had to stay at the hospital. After a couple days he became a little better but every time he would get better the next day he would be incredible worst. After a few months went by there was no improvement then it came to the doctors attention the John would die. They then told me and it just broke my heart to know that my son would die. Later, John passed away. It hurt me so bad but I was glad John was out of his pain.

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