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World On A String is an extraordinary band of musicians with its very own style. Very few can, so evidently, embrace such variant styles as jazz, Indian, Balkan, folklore and tie it all together as a sort of "Ethnic/Nordic jazz-unit".

With WOAS you don't think about this at all - this band is for and most about interplay, emotion, energy and creativity and they have proven themselves able to captivate and spellbound their listeners again and again.  

With 10 years of existence - two records in the bag - with glorious reviews and one nomination - we are certainly dealing with a band that is such a tight unit that never mind where they go musically, they always do it as an ensemble - togetherness is the keyword.

Here follows a short overview of some of their accomplishments in retrospect:

  • 2003 the band is formed
  • 2004 release of their self-titled and critically acclaimed debut CD.
  • 2005 - World On A String plays, as one of the first jazz/world-ensembles, at the Beijing MIDI Festival for an audience of 25.000
  • 2006 they played at The Dessert Jam Festival in Dubai
  • 2009 they release the next CD "Second Outlet", which is very well received by the critics
  • 2010 they tour Germany and performs at sold out venues

WOAS has played at many prominent venues in their homeland/Denmark such as: Jazzhus Montmartre, Giant Steps, Holbæk Jazzklub, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Music Caféen, Vor Frue Kirke, Klaverfabrikken (Hillerød), Godset (Kolding), Musizhuset (Bornholm)...

Here is a few words of what the critics are saying:

  • "...these experienced gentlemen creates the musical foundation with their own compositions that breathes like living organic entities - in a way one wouldn’t think possible."                             - By Niels Overgaard/Jazz news

  • "...Here one can pick up musical impressions and experiences out of the ordinary and it is marvellous. Pay attention to these four guys, ladies and gentlemen! "
    - Nils Thorlund/Roots Zone
  • A continuous reflective playing, searching and fearless improvisation, now and then slowly and meditative, but most of the time with a strong rhythmic drive, which always keeps the excitement – and interest – captured.                                                                                               - By Jack Donen/Djembe magazine
  • "...This is meaningful and honest art, especially because the band-members are incredibly respectful and appear as a unit. They have to the greatest extent “found each other” and together they raise the music to a higher level, which as I hear it, reaches far beyond the actual notes and melodies, we hear."
    - Peter Rahbek/Jazzspecial

World On A String is presently expanding their repertoire with new exiting material that will find its way to their coming third release, which partly will be recorded live in the studio to create the most ideal surrounding working ambience for their music - please watch out for updates.

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