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Tackk is the newest format to
creatively share anything on the web.

The solution to all Mac and PC formatting headaches

Are you working on a presentation with a group and are having problems? If so, consider using tackk.

The site allows you to complete everything online from any computer! This prevents the problem of working on a Mac at school and not being able to work on it at home because you have a PC and the formatting is different. It also allows a group of students to work on the same presentation without everyone crowding around one computer.

Additionally, everything on the site saves as you type it/enter it in. Therefore, you don't ever have to worry about remembering to save your work!

The best part is that the tackk board is customizable. It allows you to change backgrounds, colors, fonts, and even allows you to upload pictures and videos. Furthermore, you can create buttons that take you to different websites that are relevant to your presentation.

Now, there are some downsides to using tackk over other programs such as PowerPoint, etc. Being able to control the size of images uploaded is limited. Also, the site does not currently allow you to place text and other pictures on top of other images. If you wanted this, you would have to edit images in a different program first, then save and upload them to your tackk board.

Having said this, the site's positives outweigh the negatives as a whole. With some creativity, you can create an awesome presentation for any class!

Don't believe me??? Take it from Mr. Milo McGee.

Questions??? Talk to Mr. Wojdyla or visit tackk.com


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