Thylacine(Tasmanian Tiger)

Why did they let them die out?


A Thylacine looked like a dog with 13 to 20 dark stripes and light brown fur. The Thylacine had a heavy, stiff tail. Fully grown, the Thylacine measured six feet long, stood two feet high and weighed 30 kilograms.


It lives in Tasmania. Its sightings were in eucalyptus forests, grasslands, grassy plains, wetlands and woodlands.


Breeding occurred in winter and spring. They were tiny and hairless when they were born. Four young could be carried at a time in the pouch, but the usual litter was three. As the young got older, the pouch expanded, so much that it almost touched the ground.


The Thylacine usually dug dens and made caves for their young. Single Thylacines slept under trees and didn't usually make dens until it had a family.

Biological Relationship

A Thylacines' biological Relationship is predator/prey. They liked to eat wallabies, sheep and rabbits.

Life Cycles

A Thylacines life cycle went like this. Grew in the tummy, was born, young for about a year and then grew into an adult.

Food Chain

The food chain I liked best was: the sun produced grass, a wallaby ate grass, and the Thylacine ate the wallaby.


A Thylacine biome was temperate broadleaf and mixed forest.

Interesting Facts

A Thylacine was an apex predator, consumer and marsupial.

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