Get the Look: Wonder Woman

How to Casual Cosplay like an Amazon

For us lady superhero fans, the gender-canon cosplay pickings are slim. The selection of socially acceptable places TO cosplay are even slimmer.

Solve both problems by rocking a Diana-inspired look in daily life.

1. Eyelet Bustier Top

Get that iconic bustier top, without the fear of it falling off your (gorgeous) cleavage.

2. Blue Denim Pleated Skirt

The working girl's mini skirt, perfect to show off your Amazon legs.

3. Wonderbelt

Cover that midriff to make this look work-appropriate, although anyone this fierce is bound to cause some distractions.

4. Princess Belt

If you don't have to cover that rocking stomach, don't! Tap into you Themyscira princess side instead.

5. Ass-Kicking Boots

Can't kick ass without kick-ass boots.

7. Indestructible Bracelets

Remind everyone how wondrous you are with a pair of badass cuff bracelets, courtesy of the Greek gods.

8. Godly Headwear

If a tiara's a bit much for daily wear, tie your hair back with a luxurious gold scarf. But if you'd rather go for the tiara, do it. You're a significantly better goddess than I.

9. Accent Earrings

Don't forget a hot pair of red earrings to pull eyes back up top. Pair with red lipstick for best effect. Ka-pow, girl!

BOUNS: Wonder Bath

Unwind from your intense day of show-stopping and world-saving with a bath bomb inspired by our favorite super heroine. Great Hera, that's nice.