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Surf Expo 2014

"Surf Expo - Stuff we like - Woo" via SBC Kiteboarder

"Some great new accessories at Surf Expo. Check out this very small action sports motion sensor called the WOO. It's tiny and clips easily to any board. Its tracks your jump height and wirelessly transmits the info via Bluetooth to any iOS device like an iPhone. The WOO also tracks your airtime and G-Forces when you land. The WOO App lets you share your results with riders worldwide."

“Woo, l'outil pour connaîte votre hauteur !” via KitePlus

"Le Woo est l'outil idéal pour ceux qui aiment s'envoyer en l'air. Il est parfait pour toutes les personnes qui font des sports d'action. Il permet de capter votre mouvement et visualiser votre expérience. Il y a juste a mettre le boitier et c'est parti !"

WOO – Système de tracking pour vos session Kite – mesure la hauteur, temps en l’air (air time) et accélération.” via Gliss Evolution

"Le premier système de tracking de hauteur, temps en l’air (air time) et accélération !"

Techstars Demo Day 2014

"WOO! Kiteboarders Take Off" via VentureFizz

"The unobtrusive device, or, The WOO, (picture below) attaches to a kiteboard (focus is solely on kiteboarding now as they test and work out any flaws) and is able to track specific metrics of the boarder’s performance – providing measurements such as rotation, height, speed & g-force. It’s easy to see the inevitable transition into snowboarding, skiing and virtually any other extreme sport and beyond."

“Whizzy gadgets, IoT devices take the stage at TechStars Boston Demo Day” via Gigaom

“This company takes the GoPro helmet cam concept a step (or ten) further. It’s great to get pictures of what you did, but how about actual proof that you jumped higher or skied faster than the other guy? Woo is attacking that problem with a set of itty-bitty ruggedized motion sensors that will clip onto your sports gear and provide quantifiable data about your airtime, g-forces, bike speed, and what have you.”

“The GPS that tells you to watch for jaywalkers, and four other interesting startups at Techstars Demo Day” via Boston Business Journal

“Boston-based motion sensor device and app startup Woo will allow kiteboarders and snowboarders to say, "Look, I beat you," and prove it.”

“Your scorecard for Techstars Boston Demo Day, April 2014” via BetaBoston

"A motion sensor device for action sports like kiteboarding or snowboarding, along with a companion app, that lets you track your performance and compare it with others. The waterproof device clips onto a board or bike to measure performance — perhaps as a companion or alternative to a GoPro camera. The app can track things like “highest jump” or longest distance traveled in a day on leaderboards."

“Sights & Sounds from Techstars Boston 2014 Demo Day” via BostInno

“WOO is redefining the way action sports are played, viewed and consumed with the first-ever onboard motion sensor device and app experience. The startup offers a tiny, waterproof and ruggedized motion sensor that clips on to your gear and measures performance in action sports.”

“How Techstars Affirms Today's Top Technological Trends” via ReadWrite

“Take Woo Sports, for example, which makes a data-capturing gadget for extreme sports athletes. You can clip a Woo device onto something like a snowboard or kiteboard and it will track how fast you go and how high you jump. It then transfers the data to a smartphone, and from there, to the cloud, where it’s crunched and analyzed.”

“TechStars Demo Day Boston” via VentureFizz

“WOO, currently focused on kiteboarding, is quantifying action sports. The unobtrusive device that attaches to the board allows you to measure things like g-force and the height of your jump. No more debates among friends on who had the better airtime. Sentiment in the room was these guys are a perfect partner for GoPro.”

“The Power of … WOO!” via TyDanco.com

"The WOO is a tiny piece of hardware that attaches to a kiteboard, a snowboard, skis, a BMX bike, a luge, almost any piece of extreme sports gear you can think of, and blow your mind with data."

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