Instructional Strategies



Name that Category - Working in pairs with category cards, one student sees the name of a category. They must then drop one word hints to thier partner to get them to guess the category. Ex: "Things that are on a map","Things that have angles", "Things that are used in poetry", Use categories within your curriculum.

Connect Two - Choose two terms and have students connect them and justify them. Some stem choices might be:

______ and ______ are connected because______.

______ and ______ are different because _______.

______ and ______ are key to knowing ________ because ________.

(Use as a warm-up or exit card)

Pictionary - Create a master set of cards which have all the vocabulary words your students have learned. Students choose a card and draw the word for the class. Can be done in 2-3 minutes at the end of class, in pairs, or in stations.

Password or Keyword - Two pairs of students compete against each other. One player has the keyword and gives hints to their partner who tries to guess the vocabulary word before the other team. Teams take turns giving one hint at a time. Taboo words can be added.

What's the Question? - Give students a set of 3-4 words and have them create a question that they are all to answer.

What doesn't Belong? - Give students a set of 3-4 words, visuals, equations, people, places, etc. Have them decide which word does not belong and explain why. Ex: Washington, Lincoln, Clinton, Hamilton, Taft. (Hint:which one was never president?) or Ex: Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball (this is more open to interpretation)

Word Sorts - Students sort words into categories via index cards or words on card stock. the words should be from the word wall. This is a tactile activity but could be done virtually. Closed Sort - Teacher provides Categories. Open Sort - Students group words and then explain their rationale.

"I'm Thinking of a Word" - The teachers says, "I'm thinking of a word that means_(gives a definition)____". Students guess a word from the word wall.