The Power & Magic Of Working Visually!

Our approach to work gives us the opportunity to do things differently.

Because we think and work visually we (and our clients) have a distinct advantage. This short story describes just a few of the ways in which we can do some amazing things by working this way. Things like reducing time, cost and frustration at the same time as increasing value, impact and ownership. Magic.

From Thinking To Communicating

Taking Strategy Off The Wall

In every situation where we work at large scale with teams they see their futures and they want to take the work with them - directly off the wall.

They want to go and share everything with their enterprise. And while we will need to make 'some' refinements and simplifications we completely agree with the idea.

Strategy is no use in documents in drawers and gathering dust on shelves.

The Pixar Of Consulting!

There are many major benefits emerging from working this way.

From alignment and engagement that is traditionally so difficult to achieve - to smart and powerful communication tools and methods - dynamically curating and then distributing the knowledge in a myriad of ways.

The 21st Century

The 21st Century has yielded countless innovations.

The Facebook and Twitter generation has opened up the way we think and work. Everything has changed. It has heralded tools and techniques that enable us to share every piece of knowledge in ways we could only have dreamed a very short time ago.

Engagement - There's An App For That!

Just some of the reasons that working visually through structure and collaboration will yield benefits.

Visual transfer of information is up to 12 times faster than any other means. Everyone will tell you they prefer to work visually - a picture speaks a thousand words. It can be an immediate result - dramatically decreasing cycle time and radically increasing engagement, ownership and meaning in critical situations

Applications Of Working Visually

  • Displaying the strategy in ways that can quickly convey it to the whole enterprise and to multiple and varied stakeholders
  • Stimulating creativity in 'what if' scenarios and challenging existing thinking in powerful ways.
  • Communicating the more intangible aspects of things like vision, operating models and the highly abused business language of today.
  • Rapid transfer of the images into technologies, interactive tools, dashboards and applications that work across multiple devices.