Stopping World poverty

At least 80% of the world live on less than 10 dollars a day.

The Reason

The reason why i want to stop world poverty. The first reason is that 22,000 children die each day from poverty. The second reason is that 12 million children world wide are without education. The third reason is that 640 million children are without adequate shelter.

I feel that stopping world poverty is important for multiple reasons. The first reason is that the world spends 1418 billion dollars on Cosmetics in the United States, Ice cream in Europe, Perfumes in Europe and the United States, Pet foods in Europe and the United States, Business entertainment in Japan, Cigarettes in Europe, Alcoholic drinks in Europe, Narcotics drugs in the world, and Military spending in the world. While we can just spend 40 billion dollars for Basic education for all, Water and sanitation for all, Reproductive health for all women, and Basic health and nutrition. The second reason is that there is litterly millions without electricity; South Asia  706 million people, Sub-Saharan Africa  547 million people, East Asia 224 million people, and other countries 101 million people. That is approximently 1578 million people without electricity.

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