World at War
By Michael, Michael, Jacob, Marcus, and Sean


On May 7, 1915 the Lusitania has been sunk by German U-Boats. The Lusitania was on a voyage from New York to Liverpool. On board there were over 1,900 passengers and 1,100 of them had died when the ship sank. 120 of those passengers were Americans, which was deeply concerning for the United States. The Lusitania sinking was one of the most significant events that led to the United Stating entering the war because it was a directly affected American lives. Although Woodrow Wilson pledged to be neutral in the war, this event had sparked the nation and after it happened the United States couldn't stand on the sidelines any longer. Sometime later it was revealed that the Lusitania was holding war supplies, however the killing of innocent Americans did not justify the means.

Whilhelm Takes Bismark's Power

Kaiser Wilhelm the second has taken power away from Prince Otto Von Bismark. Due to the passiveness of the former states man Kaiser Wilhelm removed him from power and has dramatically changed Germany's foreign policy which was under Bismarks leadership that of defense but it is now much more aggressive. This is due to him wanting to show the world how powerful Germany had become and the army was his greatest pride.

Telegram Intercepted from Germany
The Zimmermann Telegram was a secret proposal from Germany to Mexico.Germany asked Mexico to make an alliance with them and in the event ofwar with the United States, Mexico can keep the U.S. occupied. TheU.S. will be forced to direct their troops as well as their suppliestoward Mexico. If the war was won by the Central Powers, Mexico wouldreceive their old territory of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.The telegram was intercepted by British intelligence and caused outrage among the American people. Mexico, who was economically andmilitarily weaker than most countries, ignored the proposal. When theU.S. officially entered the war, they rejected the proposal.

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