Games For Students To Build And Create Worlds

Minecraft Edu

Minecraft can be thought of as a "sandbox game" which means it is an open, free-play environment in which various materials exist as well as tools to manipulate them. In so doing, the child learns quite a bit about the environment, the materials, and the tools.

Minecraft is a blocky, LEGO-like, digital world (some call it 'first person LEGO') with land, sea and air as well as trees, animals and more. There are two main modes of play in the game: survival and creative. In survial, you begin with nothing and have to accumulate materials and resources to build, eat and survive. In creative, you get all the materials and tools possible and the goal is to design and build things in your world.

SimCity Edu

With SimCityEDU, educators have more than a just digital game. They have the tools and content they need to make learning come alive for their students. In the game, students play the role of mayor, doing the challenging work of addressing environmental impact while balancing the employment needs and the happiness of the city’s residents.