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Norway is located in Europe and connects to Sweden, Finland, and a little bit of Russia towards the top of Norway. The climate has year-round cold weather since it is so close to the Arctic Circle, but is slightly warmer down south. Northern Norway gets 24 hours of sunlight from mid-May to mid-July. They also get to see Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. Norway is mostly covered in mountains. Norway is famous for its fjords, which are inlets from the ocean that go on for miles into the land. Norway is also mostly covered in mountains. This impacts the people by having more activities like touring the fjords and hiking. It also means that they might not have as much farmland because of the mountainous geography.

Fjords in Norway.


Norway has a very interesting society. Some foods they have are Fiske suppe (a popular soup), kjøttkaker (meatballs), and krumkake (holiday cookies). The religion is mostly Christians (90.1% of the population). In Norway, their official language is Norwegian, but they also speak English. Winter activities like skiing, ice skating, and hockey are very common activities in Norway. In fact, Norway has won more medals in the Winter Olympics than any other country! Norway has good education and high health rates. Jobs in Norway are mainly service jobs (76%), manufacturing (21%), and farming (3%). Service jobs include fishing, logging, communications, banking, and health care. Society impacts the people living here by giving them a range of jobs that connect to their society, like fishing and communications. They also have a history of winter sports, which impacts their society greatly.

Norwegian krumkake.


In Norway, they use ferries/boats, cars and highways, and sometimes trains for transportation. Ferries and steamboats are widely used to accommodate with the many fjords. and Norway uses factories and drilling machines for drilling oil, which is later used or traded. Norway also uses a variety of machinery to produce minerals. Technology impacts the people here by giving them many different transportation options and to give them different jobs.

A ferry (boat) that is used for transportation.


Norway's current leader is King Harald V. They decide the next leader by a hereditary monarchy in a direct male line. Norway's type of government is a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy is when there is one leader that rules a democratic government. Norway's parliament is called the Storting and consists of 165 members. The government impacts the people living in Norway by having a democracy, so there is a lot of freedom (like the USA)

Norway's flag.


Norway has a very strong economy. Norway's current money system is called the Krone. One Krone is then divided into 100 øre. This relates to the USA because the dollar can be divided into 100 pennies! Norway exports petroleum, oil, ores, fish/food, and machinery. Norway is the 2nd largest oil exporter behind Saudi Arabia with 3 million berets produced daily. Norway imports machinery, food products, and metal products. The economy in Norway impacts the people because they have a very strong economy, resulting in little to no poverty! Norway is a very good country to live in because of this.

Norwegian Krone. (

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