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As a professional, you know that networking is important, but feel overwhelmed by the time and energy it takes on top of your already-busy schedule. Always at the forefront of innovation and client satisfaction, Worldwide Branding is prepared to effectively promote and serve our members by capitalizing on our professional staff and access to technology. Worldwide Branding offers an innovative Business Networking Service to assist members in connecting with potential clients, vendors, suppliers or other like-minded individuals based on specific criteria submitted by the member.

In order for any professional to see a substantial increase in their referrals, business networking must be concentrated and focused. At Worldwide Branding, marketing specialists navigate through our over 600,000-member database to select only the top matches that meet the member’s needs. Members have the option to request a search by industry, geographic area, industry, title, or years of experience in the field.

The goal of business networking is to capitalize on your business and personal connections in order to attract a steady supply of new business. Simply attending networking functions is not enough, business cards often end up in the trash and you have to spend time personally interviewing each person to see if they match your specific interest. At Worldwide Branding, the interview is already complete and a personal liaison can connect you with relevant individuals. Professionals can connect on a variety of levels, sometimes due to shared personal interests, educational background, political affiliation or breadth of experience, and our marketing specialists will look at all factors when selecting your business network.

Own a high-end boating company? We can match you with professionals who are into yachting. Need an attorney in a specialized area? We can match you with one who has passed the bar in your state. Looking for a savvy investor? We can match you to one with over 10 years of experience. Upon completion of the detailed search and analysis, the appropriate leads are delivered directly to the member. Worldwide Branding reviews can attest to the value that clients receive from our networking services:

"I am delighted with my Worldwide association. Within a week of my induction, I received a great business lead from a dynamic client. What a remarkable and fast return on my commitment to this organization! The assistance I have received from Worldwide has been professional, and extremely responsible and reliable.” Tess Wald, President, Member Since: 2012