Feeding My Introversion

Odd title, but many introverts would know what I mean

Thanks to StumbleUpon I found this crazy website, which probably will be my next obsession. My name is Thamer. 25 years old from the east side of Saudi Arabia (we are considerably the nicest conservatives in the Saudi nation). I'd love to talk more about myself, but I'd also rather not. Keep in mind that I have a broken English, because obviously English is my second language. But I do go to college that entirely relies on the English courses material. Khalas (Enough in Arabic) about me!! Now. I would like to introduce you some of photos I've taken them in different places.

Old Town of Innsbruck, Austria, Summer 2014.

The picture on the top reminds of the day my dad gave me the freedom to be alone away from our accommodation in Oberperfuss. It wasn't the brightest day in the small town of Innsbruck, but it's nice to be alone walking around admiring the beautiful traditional western architecture, which is nice for someone like me who loves to travel to get to know the authentic arts of the culture (of course after the constant family road trips between Austria, Italy, and Switzerland). The only reason that this picture holds a special place in my heart because of the freedom I felt in that day exploring a city that I've never had the chance to explore alone.

The beautiful Affogato!! <3 Old town Innsbruck, Austria

I don't think I have the creative writing skills to explain how delicious this piece of heaven is. If you are a caffeine lover like myself this is absolutely for you. However, if you also love vanilla ice-cream with your lovely coffee (or any hot caffeine beverages) I recommend this for you and boy oh BOY this made my day even better. YOU ARE WELCOME!!

I tried this piece of heaven after being welcomed by the hotel owner, complementing our meal after a very nice breakfast. As a coffee person I would kindly stick with a coffee, but an espresso with a vanilla ice-cream? Ja, bitte ("yes, please" in German)!! The only side effect you would get from this is getting your mind blown by this beautiful perfective fusion.

At the same day in the old town I had this song in my headset all day long which it made my day even better (and other alike songs).

Whoever reads this. Thank you very much for reading. I am working on posting nicer pictures and give you my deep emotional perspective.


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