Hurricanes are tornadoes in the ocean.

Hurricanes need many things to form. This is what it needs:

1. Warm ocean water

2. Wind flow in the center

3. Slow wind outside the storm

3. Low pressure system [Cloudy].

4. Warm, moist air

5. 60-80 degree temperatures fahrenheit

Dangerous Hurricanes

One of the dangerous hurricanes is Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina caused 1,883 deaths and 81 billion dollars in damage. There were 6,173 injuries. It also took 8 years to recover from the hurricane. It took place in 2005. Another dangerous hurricane was the hurricane of 1938. It had taken place in New York. The hurricane of 1938 had 4,500 homes, cottages, farms destroyed; 15,000 damaged. 26,000 destroyed automobiles. 20,000 miles of electrical power and telephone lines downed. 1,700 livestock animals and up to 750,000 chickens killed. $2,610,000 worth of fishing boats, equipment, docks, and shore plants damaged or destroyed. Half the entire apple crop destroyed at a cost of $2 million.

This is a picture of Hurricane Katrina aftermath

his is a picture of the 1938 Hurricane's aftermath

How to Prevent Damage

1. Listen closely for changes with weather reports and pay attention to Doppler radar

2. Secure loose objects inside and outside if possible

3. keep expensive and fragile objects away from windows as well as yourself.

4. Close all windows and doors


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