U.S. Rise to World Power Annotated Timeline

  •   Spanish- American War, 1898, US congress declared war on Spain in retaliation for the explosion on the USS Maine
  •   Hawaiian Annexation, 1898, Extended U.S. territory giving more power to the U.S. in the pacific
  •   Treaty of Paris, 1898, Ended the Spanish- America war, giving Puerto Rico and Guam to the U.S. and Spain the Philippines
  •   Open Door Policy, 1899, Giving equal trading rights to all foreign nations of China
  •   Panama Canal, 1903-1914, Created as an easier route for ships to go through the Atlantic or pacific ocean
  •   Roosevelt Corollary, 1904, Roosevelt extension of the Monroe Doctrine, the U.S. has rights to protect its economic interests in the south & Central America using military forces
  •   Dollar diplomacy, 1909-1913, Create stability and order abroad that would best promote American commercial interests
  •   German proclamation , 1915, Germany would sink any ships that enter the waters around British isles
  •   Sinking of Lusitania, 1915, Sunk by German submarine because Germany thought it was filled with weapons.
  •   Sussex pledge, 1916, Germany promised to no to sink and more ships
  •   Failure of diplomacy, 1917,Germany fails to contribute to the Sussex pledge and continues to attack ships on the US
  •   Zimmerman telegram, February 24, 1917, British intercepts Germany’s telegram to Mexico revealing Germany’s plan to ask Mexico to attack the US in exchanged for TX and AZ
  •   Selective Service Act, 1917, Drafted soldiers

League of Nations, 1920, Brought representatives together to prevent wars  

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