Suicide Among Teens

By: Tyrone Reynolds

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Tyrone Reynolds, the product I decided to write and do my paper on is suicide among teens. I pick this topic is because there are teens all over the world that commit suicide,for a lot of reasons and for what I mean a lot it’s a lot of reasons. So I pick to do this topic to help teens to make the right decisions and not to commit suicide but to get help, talk to people that can help you because there are a lot of things that you can do with your life then commit suicide.

For what I hope to gain for my project is to help teens with their problems and help he/she make the right decisions about committing suicide because suicide is not the key of making everything better you still have life to live, make a change and do a lot in your life.

My product is making a website. This process is to talk about teen suicide and help them out about making the right decision in life not going off killing he/she self. My mentor who show me this site was Mrs. Parker she email the site to me and its a very helpful site to do your project or anything you doing a paper on. For what I learned about suicide that is a worst feeling that you can ever feel because I went through it, yes I have went through this and I tell you this is not cool I wanted to end my life because I had two very important people that was very, very close to me died. Yes I was very upset I wanted them back so bad, but I knew I couldn't because they were gone and I couldn't do nothing about it. I thought about committing suicide, had a lot of thoughts and plan's about how to kill myself, I just wanted to end life because I thought there was nothing else out there for me no more, and I was bullied students pick on me about a lot of stuff i just couldn't take it no more, but until one day I made that change I got help from a person who helps you with suicide. Now if I didn't look online for suicide I wouldn't be here talking about it I would have been 6-feet under hating myself because I made the wrong decision. Teens out their in the world commit suicide for many of reasons, he/she been pick on, a new student that came from another country and get pick on for being different, a death in a family, and even a bad brake up, these are the top main reasons that a teen might commit suicide because I been in that same situation that he/she been through.

The challenges about making this website/webpage was to get help finding a good website to do my product and do my project on I tell you it was hard because it is that hard to find a good website or page just to make a good product because if you try to do a website or page you will have to buy extra stuff just to have the page or site stand. But the greatest success was that I got help from Mrs. Parker help me she email me this website called and it really helps.

The paper was related to my product because it talks about reasons why teens wants to commit suicide and I think also talks about who can help you about suicide. The Senior Project was a learning stretch by helping me be confident in front of people, helping me by helping other people if there are thinking about suicide that they can get help talk to a suicide expert.

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