The School for Good and Evil

A Book Review By LM

   I recently read The School for Good and Evil, the first book in the School for Good and Evil trilogy by Soman Chainani, and I really liked it. This is the story of two girls who are struggling to discover who they really are. Friends Agatha and Sophie are complete opposites, and they are kidnapped to attend the School for Good and Evil, a fabled academy for children to turn into fairytale characters. But Sophie, the sweet, cheery one of the two is put in the School for Evil, taking classes like Uglification and Henchmen Training, while dark, gloomy Agatha finds herself at the School for Good, in Animal Communication and Princess Etiquette. Both are extremely unhappy in their schools, so they plot to trade. Who is the School Master? Does Professor Sader know the ending that the Storian is writing for the girls? Do Sophie and Agatha actually belong in their chosen Schools?