ancient egyptian pyarmids

where the tummes were layed in the pyramids/ iside the pyramids

one of the chambers is the queens chamber although she sleeps, eat, and lives here regular life in her chamber she will not get bared here. khufu was going to make the kings chamber his burial place but khufu changed his mind and made another chamber, known as the kings chamber. in the pyramid there was a corridor 153 feet (47)meters all the way down.

would there have been more pyramids

yes there would have been more pyramids. the reason most people beleived they stopped building pyramids was because theives started to steal gold and other expensive relics.well they stopped building the pyramids but they also didn't because there is 40 other pyramids but they aren't as big as the three famous pyramids because there 40 times smaller. these pyramids were not used for living in or baring ancient kings because they were looked as memorial monuments for the kings.

when the kings of egypt ruled

the ancient egyptian kings ruled for a little less than 3000 years .the kings of egypt only ruled the land from 3100 B.C. to 1156 B.C. imagine knowing that your kid and the your grandchildren and then your great grandchildren going to be slaves. the great king we know today tutankhamun was not the best king of all he really didnt' do anything for egypt.

when and how the pyramids were built

the ancient pyramids were built in 2584 B.C. the pyramids were built out of these rectangular  limestone blocks, all the blocks were not always perfect because they had to shape the pyramids . there was a total of 2.3 million limstone blocks which equaled to 5,500 pounds. there was about 20,000 to 100,000 labors at work. to make the pyramids.




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