Ne obliviscaris verborum

Lest we forget

The twin towers fell on September eleventh, and made many countries go into full alert.  NATO Coalitions began widespread offensives, making attacks at terrorist organizations through out the middle east.  I am a junior high student, and can not possibly imagine the pure terror and utter confusion experienced on that day, but after researching information and observing photographs, I began to feel that desperate sadness felt by all of America.  I also felt something quite different, a sense of pride.  Pride because I live in the United States of America.  The citizens of this country did not break apart in the horrible monstrosities committed by the terrorists groups, but the bond grew stronger.  By making this attack, Al Qaeda thought they were crushing any sort of hope we have, but they just gave us more.  In a way, the people who lost their lives could be considered martyrs.  They died, but by dying, they helped this country to grow stronger.  


Lest We Forget

Picture: http://www.c2educate.com/blog/911-a-history-lesson-well-never-forget/

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