The Columbian Exchange

The exchange between the New World and the Old World

Without The Columbian Exchange many things we know and love plus things we may hate like diseases would not be here in America and South America and it also wouldn't be in Europe and Asia.A were exchanged between the New and Old worldsariety of animal such as horses and a variety of food .


Horses are from the Old World. They were brought over from the Europe Continent and were traded with the Natives and some were set free and now we have horses all over America.

Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane is from the European Continent which is also know as the Old World. It is also used to make sugar and it can be used to sweeten many different foods.


Vanilla was item from the New World. Vanilla today is a common flavor among goods and is used in baking.


Corn was a item from the New World. It was usually grown by the Natives in the New World.


Grapes were from the Old World and they were used to make wine.