Christmas card Critique

Christmas Cards I like
Irasema De Leon

1. I like this design because I love how there’s snowflakes on the bird and I love how Season’s Greetings is in cursive. It gives it this classy, peaceful, yet simple vibe to it.

1. I like this design because it's not really simple, yet, it's not too over dramatic. I love how the background isn't simple and is filled with little shining stars. I also love how the Christmas tree isn't a regular Christmas tree, it was made out of little snowflakes.

1. I like this one because the tree is made out of little stars and the ribbon around it makes it look like a real Christmas tree. The other thing that I really like is that "Merry Christmas" is written in different languages and it shows that people around world all celebrate Christmas.

I like the colors in this card and the way that the font changes on some words. It’s just a very nice card.

1. I love the snowflakes on this card and how the font changes and how its all in black and white. I also love how their jeans are the only thing colored in the card.

1. I like how half of it is the picture and the other half is the card. I also like how it looks like they wrote it on a chalkboard.

1. I like how this card captures everything about the family, even the silly moments in their lives.

I love how this card is black and white and how the splash of red makes the family stand out.

1. I love how this picture captures the whole family and how it’s so simple yet a really nice card.

1. I love how this card is very Christmas related and just has 3 pictures of the family and daughters.

Christmas Cards I Don't Like

1. Font isn’t relating to Christmas at all, the ornaments looked very photo shopped and the little girls and Santa are crying/shocked.

1. Very disturbing picture. They all should have been facing the same angle. They all should have been smiling.

1. Pictures should have had a border around it since they are all just placed in the card. Too much Chevron print.

1. Very plain card, could have added more to it.

1. I feel like this card is very empty and there could have been more added to it.

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