The moons important
6th hour
Kevin Reyes

The important about the earth is special to if we did not have tides because the moon takes the water and makes a high tide and a low tide. Then we have the eclipses that help us find more thing about space and how they work for us each and everyday. Than when  the phases that helps of how the moon phases effect us.

The moons role

The reasons why we need moon phases is because if we do not have we would be able to find out the light. Then if we do not have the light of the moon we would not find a way home. Then if do not have the phases we would not have legend to our grandbaby's. Then if  we did not have we would not be able to see how it happens and learn more new stuff. That is why we need the moon phases.

The tides are important to us because if we did not have it than we would not be able to fish. Then we know how to find food to eat because it will be hard. Than we will not be find good places to drink in other places. Will be hard for all us to know when to find times to fish or when to have fun in class. This are the reasons we need tides in life.

The reason we have eclipses is of the way the moon, sun, and earth move. The way eclipses happened is because of the sun and earth cover the moon with a shadow that makes the moon look red like blood that is called a lunar eclipse. A solar eclipses is when the sun is complete blocked by the moon. If we did not have eclipse we would have legends and story. That is the different kinds of eclipses.

The end

There a lot of different stories of the moon like it look like a face but its no its just the rocks and mountains. Than there Is a nother that the moons follow you but its just the earth motion. When people say that it is made of cheese will its not. There are all kind of stories of the moon but it is all fake. Fun fact we beat the Russians to the moon

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