The Little Rover That Could

Planet Ag

The rover just landed on planet Ag and all it sees in green and blue. The planet it just landed on is rolling prairies of alfalfa, grass, woods, and lakes. The land is like river bottom land with no rocks just smooth awesome farmland. It is bright a little breeze and some fluffy white clouds. The rover will need tractor tread tires to be able get around the forest of grass and woods. The rover would also need to be water proof because of the rain that planet Ag  gets. It will need a drill, vacuum, hand, and wipers on the cameras. The samples the rover would take you be wood, water, grass, and air. The wood and grass would look just like the grass and wood on Earth. But the water and air would be cleaner than water ever was on earth. That's what the rover would find on planet Ag.

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