UTA field trip!

Hailey Neurohr

  when I first saw UTA  campus my first thought was, "holy cow this collage is huge!" When I got off the bus and walked up to the building, I don't  know why but, I felt small. I guess the reason was because I was small compared to the collage building I was standing in front of.

  The best part of the day to me was lunch. I got to see my old friends from my elementary school Sherrod elementary. Also I liked the science show, because it was really cool to see the fire experiments. The science show was way more cool then the labs we did in elementary school and in middle school.

  I enjoyed everything, just not sitting on the cold hard floor. It felt like we were sitting there forever! It hurt my bottom. Also I didn't really like how the collage student sort of treated us like little kids. Almost all of us were 13 or 12 maybe, but I cant complain were are little kids compared to collage students.

My suggestion for next years UTA field trip is to make sure there is nice weather. I really wanted to see the campus. I didn't want to sit all the time.

I would definitely try to apply for UTA for collage. the reason is, watching the video the student set up, it look really cool and fun. I also really like the part of the campus we saw from the bus, the collage looks really pretty.

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