The Moons Importance
Manuel Poblete
4th hr

There are 8 moon phases. There are different tides. Also high and low tides. Also there are 2 different kinds od eclipses. The eclipses are lunar and solar.

The moon effects us by the light in the night and the New moons to the Full moons. The tides are also important to us. The phases helps us by the months. That's why we have  moon phases. Also why we have months.

Tides acute because the gravity. Also because the sun pulls different parts of the earth. The types of tides are spring tides and Neal tides. The effect the earth because of the high and low tides. That's how tides effect the earth.

Their are two different types of eclipses. Which are solar and lunar eclipses. Total solar eclipses are the umbra and the penumbra. It effects the earth by its darkness and the cool air. That's how it effects the earth.

That shows the type of eclipses and the moon phases. It also tells you why it is important. Also states its effect on the earth. So that's just some good things about it but there are many more. This includes my information.

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