Social Studies Questions

Unit 1

1. What does renaissance mean? Rebirth

2. What shape did the Atlantic slave trade make? Triangle

3. Push factors were positive things. True or False? False

4. Who started the age of Enlightenment? John Locke

5. Who started the Colombian exchange? Columbus

Unit 2

1.What are some reasons why people would start a Revolution? Religious freedom, Unstable government and Not Equal Rights.

2. Who fired the first shot in the American Revolution? Colonists.

3. What are the Causes of the French Revolution? The shot heard around the world, Jefferson and Locke, Let them eat cake.

4. What is the definition of Imperialism? When you are ruled by an emperor.

5. Name the Five A’s needed for a Revolution:

-At least two opposing sides

-Access to weapons

-Aims expressed in a slogan

-Accomplished leaders

-Ailments present socially, economically,and politically

Unit 3

1. What does MAIN stand for?  Militarism Alliance Imperialism Nationalism

2.  Central Powers included's?  Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy

3. Italy soon joined the Allied Powers. True or False? True  

4. What is the definition of a nationalism? national loyalty, love of your country.  

5. What is the definition of alliance? agreements among competing nations to "scratch their backs"

Unit 4

1. Who was Dr. Josef Mengele? A Nazi doctor who tortured and murdered thousands of twins, mainly Jewish.   

2. What was Adolf Hitlers Party's name? Nazi Party

3. What make America join WWII? the bombing of Pearl Harbor

4. What is the definition of terrorism? the use of violence to overcome a political idea

5. Who was Anne Frank? She is one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust who wrote a diary about her time in hiding.