The representation of  America's Society in  
'Super Size Me'

America. A country well-known for restaurants with big exposure all around. I am talking about McDonalds, Burger king, Taco-bell, Famous Pizzerias, and other famous fast food chains they have existed. America’s society are represented for having a bad lifestyle which makes them obese due to the amount of fast food chain restaurants they have, and lack of education because they don’t what eating healthy means. America’s society can be seen as a population with mostly fat and obese people due to the fact they eat a lot of fast food…I guess most of them would probably eat fast food. America in the documentary is showing negative portrayal for health because everything that they put on their foods is basically a chemical that can make American’s lifestyle into a disaster.

The other negative portrayal that America’s society is portraying is that they say that some of their foods will make people fit, but in reality, it just makes them fat. This leads to food companies being sued for a lot of money because of stupid cases like this. From little to big cases, the food company would still get sued, because of either of food quality, food service, or because blaming them for making them fat. It’s stupid to believe, but it happens. Take this for example, if a person order’s a hot medium coffee, and spills it on themselves while they‘re driving, that case can be used to sue the company/shop, charging them heaps of money for it. In my opinion, I find America’s Society as a very unbalanced society because they face problems such as this that can be resolved…if they act on it. It’s hard to take action on this problem, unless everyone would cooperate.

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2 years ago

Very true Beryl America has a very unbalanced society.